Improvised rap battles, from your suggestions.

3rd Friday of every month, 9:30pm @ the Triple Crown!

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Hip Hop Debate + The Hip Hop Drop-in!

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About the Drop-in

NYC Improvisors! Do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling? Ever feel like you're off your game? Want to switch it up and use parts of your brain you didn't even know you had?

Enter the Hip Hop Drop-in. We work on the three R's: rhythm, rhyming, and rapping. We'll give you a chance to work on your flow in a supportive environment with experienced freestylers and beatboxers.

Are you a musical improvisor, but want to work on your rap skills? Are you a regular improvisor who wants to try out musical improv? Are you a regular Joe civilian who's never improvised at all? Because your petty objections are ridiculous. Anyone can rap. Don't worry about sounding gangsta; we'll help you find your voice. Everyone has a point of view, everyone has something worth expressing.

The Hip Hop Drop-in will teach you how to hone your point of view until it's sharper than a sword. You'll learn to stay fluid and flexible in your scenes/songs. And you'll learn to share verses, trade lines, and the general give-and-take that makes audiences' jaws drop. And listening, oh my god listening. So important.

So email for information on shows (where you can participate on stage!), workshops, and other events (beat-making/jam sessions/etc./???). Don't sleep on this opportunity. Seriously, I have seen veteran improvisors grinning like kids after just a few minutes of freestyling. You owe it to yourself, and the kid inside.